LIVE Session: Partick Artists 

While in Ottawa last week, Lindsey and I had the opportunity to play and record some new songs live at Partick Artists Studio! Here is one of the tunes I performed: You Should Be Sleeping. It will be on my new album - which will be recorded this summer thanks to a lovely and generous grant from Jim Pattinson Broadcasting. Edmonton Musicians in Tune With Beer 

Had some fun contributing to this thirst-quenching piece by Trent Wilkie. Also proud to see my Big Rock Warrior Princess photo in there.


The word itself is a musical note. It has helped write more songs thanGarageBand and puberty combined. If it were a mountain, it would be named Mount St. Inspirational Liquid...

...With the precision of a brewmaster, singer-songwriter Alex Vissia gives a lesson in libation lineage: 'I tried a stellar root beer in Kansas City recently from Root Sellers Brewery that tastes exactly like you would expect a great root beer to taste – but you’d never guess it was 6.7% alcohol. Those things are dangerous. If I were to choose an any time, any day, any place beer, it would have been the Alley Cat Full Moon Pale Ale, but that has now been reinvented into a full IPA (India Pale Ale). One of the biggest perks of going on tour is hitting up the local microbreweries along the way. So I guess on the topic of IPA’s, the Lil Scrapper IPA from Half Pints Brewery in Winnipeg wins my vote.'"

Read the full article here. 


A Nice Note From 

I played O'Hanlon's in Regina, Saskatchewan a couple of weeks ago with my very good friend, Megan Nash. Chris Mercer from wrote this sweet blog post about the show! Here is a slice:

"After driving countless hours to get to Regina, Alex jumped on the “taller than her” O’Hanlon’s stage to deliver a killer truth-through-music set. Gritty riffs and soulful vocals filled the room. Many people were shut in at home from the cold. Those of us who braved the frigid temperatures were treated to a musician who clearly loves making music and palying to her fans. Alex loses herself in the music as she performs. Foot-stomping, and head-swinging to the rhythm in her heart. Her passion is clear!"

Click here to read the full article...

CTV Morning Live Regina Interview 

I got up at 7AM to make it over to CTV Morning Live Regina. That is quite a feat for any touring musician because we don't go to bed early. Ever. Thanks so much to everyone at the station for having me! Click the photo to watch the interview... 




  • Day 1 of tracking for the NEW album with the fantastic @bitternorthsound! #SOEXCITED
    Day 1 of tracking for the NEW album with the fantastic @bitternorthsound! #SOEXCITED
  • Show off. @bitternorthsound
    Show off. @bitternorthsound
  • Cutie.
  • #FRIENDS #CalgaryFolkFest
    #FRIENDS #CalgaryFolkFest
  • #CalgaryFolkFest is the best.
    #CalgaryFolkFest is the best.
  • Tweener time with @thisislucette at Calgary Folk Fest!
    Tweener time with @thisislucette at Calgary Folk Fest!